Achariya Pranavananda Seva Ashram | Purba Nishchintapur, Budge Budge, Kolkata – 700138
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Acharya Pranavananda Seva Ashram    
  • Establishing orphanages in our capacity as possible.

  • Establishing YOga-training school/centres, in our capacity as possible.

  • Establishing hospitals (Homoeopathic, Allopathie, & Aurvedic) with outdoor facilities, particularly for the poor.

  • Extending the organisation's helping hand in all possible ways, in natural calamities of all sorts.

  • Helping the people, particularly of the villages, in seeking and engaging in the self-employment schemes.

There may be no end of the list of means of serving the people, but the Ashram has presently, these projects in view, on priority basis.


The Ashram intends to undertake as many projects as possible for it, from time to time, such as:
  • Preaching the spiritual and moral philosophy of Jagat Guru Swami Acharya Pranavanandaji Maharaj through all means.

  • Specially establishing primary and secandary school for backward classes, where the teaching of ashramic life and discipline will be imperted , along with modern job oriented education. Establishing Brahmacharya idyalayas, run according to the ancient Gurukul system of India , the spread of eduction based on Indian moral and spiritual idealism

  • Esablishing free Student-Homes under the guidance of the Ashram.
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