Achariya Pranavananda Seva Ashram | Purba Nishchintapur, Budge Budge, Kolkata – 700138
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  Acharya Pranavananda Seva Ashram        

India had been a land of wonders : in art, culture, science and medicine, she had been incomprehensively advanced, in statecraft, politics and law, her achievement had been nonpareil; and in religion and philosophy, she had been the teacher of the whole world.

But what is India to-day? She is now crippled in by poverty, illiteracy, exploitation, diseases, immorality slothness, spiritual vacuum and what not. This decadence of India began a few centuries ago, and to-day it has reached its apogee. But should we despair so? Of course, not, we believe in the great "Shreemat Bhagavat Geeta" where Shree Bhagavan assures us that He ever comes down to this earth in the shape of human beings whenever the degeneration of the society is absolute. In the recent part, Shree Bhagavan came down to this earth in the shape of Yogacharya Sreemat Swami Pranavanadaji Maharaj,Who is the soul of the ACHARYA   PRANAVANANDA   SEVA   ASHRAM'    The
Maharajji himself fought relentlessly to regenerate India and before leaving this earth left behind his teachings for us so that with this spiritual teaching in our minds and with his blessings on our head, we may do our best to rebuild the lost glory of India.

True, India is a very vast country, and true that to regenerate this vast country it needs thousands of dedicated souls. But where shall we find those thousands of dedicated souls, and how to reach succour to the millions of spiritually benighted and bodily and mentally suffering people? Yes, let hundreds of institutions grow up and let thousands of honest, self-sacrificing and courageous people come up, to help those millions of suffering souls and rebuild India. And yes, "Acharya Pranavananda Seva Ashram" has grown up with just that objective in view to stand for the millions of suffering souls and rebuild India.
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